Rob Bolton, Realtor

When I was five Mom and Dad built a brand new home in a brand new neighborhood. We were one of the very first families in Cedar Village! As a result, I saw almost every home in our neighborhood built. I sat on the dirt piles watching the bulldozers dig new basements and smooth the yards. I awakened to the sound of the carpenters’ hammers framing up houses and the squeaky groan of the bricklayers’ mortar mixers. I loved the smell of new lumber, fresh asphalt and wet concrete (I may have even left a hand print or two). And of course, I remember meeting new neighbors, making friends, growing up playing ball until dark, then capture the flag and hide and go seek until finally Mom said to come home.

Little did I know then, my love of new home construction, new neighborhood life and watching homeownership happen over and over again were the seeds of what is now a 35 year love affair with Central Kentucky residential real estate. It’s my full time gig.

I have developed neighborhoods (Hartland and the Gardens of Hartland), I have built homes (Heritage Place and Prestwick), and I have sold new and existing residential real estate. I am inspired by the giddy joy of a young couple climbing onto the first rung of homeownership. I love watching a little girl run from corner to corner excitedly measuring the perimeter of her new bedroom. Equally, I enjoy the satisfaction of a couple, now “empty nesters”, putting the finishing touches on a great “move down” idea.

My clients will tell you I call back. I answer questions when I know the answer. When I don’t, I seek one out. They will say I like to laugh, meet them on their terms, treat them fairly and make this whole big idea of buying a home a good experience.

Let me do that with you too....


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